Article : Malta: a Mediterranean paradise

The European country Malta is not exactly the most popular tourist destination in the continent. However, the country is starting to get the attention it deserves. Without a doubt, Malta is one of the most scenic and the most breathtaking countries in the world, and the tourist inattention is due to their ignorance. Very few people know anything about Malta, which is a shame since Malta has everything a Mediterranean country can offer and more. Of course, while every few people know anything about Malta, those who know something about Malta have appreciated its unusual beauty; not to mention the country’s people, weather, and culture.

Malta is perhaps one of the smallest countries in the world, in terms of area and population. Malta’s total population is not even one percent of the world’s total population, while its area is just as small. It would take merely hours to explore the country’s magnificent sceneries, from the crystal-clear beaches and fishing villages, to the historic temples and churches. The country is composed of three major islands: Malta, Gozo, and Comino, along with two other islands, Cominetto and Filfla tht are both uninhabited. Due to its position in world history, Malta is combination of a number of cultures, and this is something about Malta that tourists enjoy.

But despite its size, Malta figures largely in world history. Because of its strategic location in Mediterranean Sea, Malta was seen as the “stepping stone” between North Africa and Europe, a major factor back when transportation was limited and conquering countries was a norm to advance one’s power and reach. A number of countries have conquered this little Mediterranean island. The British, French, Arabs, Normans, and many others have been involved in Maltese history one way or another. It was in 1964 when the country became independent, giving Malta a dense historical back story that adds flavor and texture to this already beauty island. The residents of Malta mainly speak a language named Maltese. However, due to years of English colonization, they also know how to speak English. The country’s youth also know how to speak Italian, perhaps due to Malta’s proximity to Italy. This is fact about Malta that it an ideal tourist destination.

There are a lot of things about Malta that are interesting and colorful. For one, Malta houses the world’s oldest freestanding manmade structure in the world, the Ggantia. The capital city, Valletta, is something about Malta that represents the entire country. Valetta is a study of beauty, a combination of history and progress. Valletta houses the Cathedral of St. Paul, arguably one of the best sites people should know about Malta. Malta, for one, is mainly a Catholic country, and it is said the one of the apostles of Jesus Christ, St. Paul, reached the country and met governor Publius Valerius Publicola. Another attraction that tourists love about Malta is the temples. One of the popular temples in the country is the Mnajdra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are many things about Malta that everyone can enjoy. Malta can be a part of any European tour. So those who enjoy the great beauty of the Mediterranean and the majesty of history will definitely enjoy Malta.

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